HOLISTEEC announces their 4th collaboration with the Sustainable Places Community members for SP2017

HOLISTEEC has confirmed their collaboration with SP2017, and is reaching out to fellow SP contributors (Design4Energy, eeEmbedded, and STREAMER) to plan the works. HOLISTEEC has participated with previous SP events as follows:

  • 2014: Within the framework of Sustainable Places 2014 (1-3 October 2014, http://sustainableplaces.eu/past-events/sp2014/), a paper has been submitted and during the workshop dedicated to eeBuilding KPI, a presentation has been prepared by D’Appolonia
  • 2015: presentation of 2 articles in the context of two different workshops, and chaired one workshop.
  • 2016: HOLISTEEC Consortium has presented of 2 articles in the context of a workshop, organized and chaired by CEA, specifically devoted to the clustering of BIM-related EU funded projects, namely HOLISTEEC, STREAMER, eeEmbedded and Design4Energy. The workshop was split in two parts, the first focusing on the role of Key Performance Indicators in energy efficient building design, the second part with the software platforms supporting KPI based design.

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