Invitations extended to selected authors for consideration in the BUILDINGS journal SP2017 special issue

Invitations extended to selected authors for consideration in the BUILDINGS journal SP2017 special issue

The following conference papers are invited to extend their work for potential inclusion into the SP2017 Buildings Journal special issue (MPDI):

  1. Multimodel-based exploration of the building design space and its uncertainty” Hervé Pruvost, Peter Katranuschkov, Raimar Scherer, Technical University of Dresden (BuildingSMART)
  2. “EU support for innovation and market uptake in smart buildings under the Horizon 2020 framework programme” Philippe Moseley, European Commission, Executive Agency for SME’s (EASME)
  3. Identifying the value of demand response for small and medium scale energy users and building occupants” Sylvia Breukers, Luc van Summeren – DuneWorks B.V., Tracey Crosbey, Teesside University (DR-BoB)
  4. An integrated behavioural model towards evaluating and influencing energy behaviour. The integration of motivational factors” Julia Blanke, Christian Beder, Martin Klepal – Cork Institute of Technology (E2District)
  5. Social acceptance for energy efficient solutions in renovation processes” Dawid Krysiński, Pawel Nowakowski, Przemysław Dana – ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre (BERTIM, ZenN)
  6. The Analysis of Office Comfort Attributes from the end user’s perspective using Analytic Hierarchy Process” Bartlomiej Dessoulavy-Sliwinski – University of Warsaw, Maciej Czajka – Trend Control Systems Ltd.
  7. A fuzzy-based Building Energy Management System for energy efficiency” José Luis Hernández, Roberto Sanz, Álvaro Corredera – Fundación CARTIF, Ricardo Palomar – Acciona R+D, Isabel Lacave – Acciona Construcción (BRESAER)
  8.  “An IFC interoperable framework for self-inspection process in buildings” José Luis Hernández, Pedro Martín Lerones – Fundación CARTIF, Peter Bonsma – RDF, Andre van Delft, Richard Deighton – Demo Consultants, Jan-Derrick Braun -Hotchief (INSITER)
  9. Evaluating the role of effective stakeholder engagement in achieving socio-economic and environmental benefits of low-energy refurbishment of Higher Education Buildings” Abdullahi Ahmed, Monica Mateo-Garcia, Danny McGough, Andrew Arewa – Coventry University (RESSEEPE)
  10. Retrofitting of a residential district under near zero energy buildings criteria” Cristina de Torre, Miguel Ángel García-Fuentes – Fundación CARTIF, Ignacio González – Acciona Construcción, Alfonso Gordaliza – Veolia (REMOURBAN)
  11. Interoperability: A data conversion framework to support energy simulation” Luis Paiva, Pedro Pereira, Pedro Malo – Centre of Technologies and Systems of Institute for the Development of New Technologies, Krzysztof Klobut – VTT Technical Researh Centre of Finland, Ltd.
  12. Identification of value proposition and development of innovative business models for demand response products and services enabled by the DR-BOB solution” Mario Sisinni, Federico Noris, Sander Smit – R2M Solution, srl., Tracey Crosbie – Teesside University, Sylvia Breukers, Luc Van Summeren – DuneWorks  B.V. (DR-BoB)

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